Work Wheels Sienna and Odyssey

JC Pepino of Work wheels Japan had a few days to hang out in SF Bay area so we decided to do a quick photoshoot. When we heard that JC was around, we had to contact him to see if we can coordinate and we were glad that he was happy to oblige as well. Photos were taken at the NASA facility near Mountain View, CA and we were able to capture some amazing backdrops of a decommissioned Hangar and some planes. Along with JC's amazing photography skills, the pictures came out epic. There are more pics to come from this portfolio so stay tuned! Jason Franco's Toyota Sienna and My Nguyen's Honda Odyssey featured 2 Work wheels which are the CV201 and the CV203 from the Gnosis family. Specs are: Odyss

Javi and Gilbert's Wagons

Javi and Gilbert's van and wagon are definitely attention getters the moment you see them. They stand out even more when they're slammed beside private jets on an airport. They both reside in Miami so there are many great builds around them but none are as unique as both of their vehicles. Follow both of them on Instagram to see more of their builds. @Jserieshonda and @wdp_7thsign Pictures and editing were done by Chris and Leo of @Usastance and @Curivisualmedia

bB SQUAD | St. Louis

On Wednesday February 3rd, 2016 Toyota announced that the Scion brand would no longer exist. Over the weeks, social media was the channel for many Scion owners to show the gratitude towards the brand. Many owners reflecting over the years of ownership and how the brand had brought together many enthusiast from around the world. Many who are now considered friends and some even family. As an owner of a 2005 Scion xb, I can relate to the impact of owning the vehicle had in my personal life. I remember spending long hours searching the internet for aftermarket parts. A site in particular was, the site provided a forum in which Scion owners could connect, share pictures, trade and s

A quick "White-out" Sienna meet

Norwin - @bossubas on Vossen VLE Quan - @mutantlobster510 on Vossen VWS-3 George - @brionesfam on Vossen CVT Larry - @s1xs3v3n1 on Concept One CS-16

Happy 2nd Anniversary VKPH!

To everyone who attended and supported today's meet, we offer our heartfelt thank you. This is probably our most successful meet yet. Despite the bad weather, you guys still came and 95 rides were present during the count not including those who left early and those who came in a bit late. Big thanks to the management specially to the two gentlement from Wigo Club Philippines who offered the 5th level parking for ourselves. To Liteaceclub Ph, HiAce Club Philippines who were with us since day one, thank you very much. and of course, to our friends from Static Crew, Ever Since, Tanginamo Lifestyle and Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted who were always there with us, thank you for your unfailing

VANkulture Philippines EST. 09.30.2014

Two years flew by and here I am writing the very first entry for the VKPH blog. A lot has happened and it almost seem so magical to me that we are here to represent VANkulture in the Philippines. Me and Hansen Enerio have always been a fan of the VK builds in the US and little did we know that the day would come that VANkulture would reach the Philippines. This is all thanks to Paul Cotaco, you made this all possible "pare" and we can never imagine how we can pay you back but to represent VANkulture with pride, respect and love. Allow me to share some of the rides and the people who are part of the VKPH Family: Below are the twins of VKPH, my "Mitsuki" together with Hansen's Mitsubishi Adven

Airrunner JDM Honda Odyssey RC1 from Tianjin, China

We envy so many countries that have access to the JDM vans that are available around the world such as this 4th gen JDM Honda Odyssey that hails in Tianjin, China. This Odyssey is equipped with an Airrunner kit and the end product is amazing. Check out the VANkulture sticker on the windshield as well.

First gathering VANkulture, 30 January 2016 Tmii Jakarta – Indonesia

An honor for us who have been given the confidence to raise the name of VANkulture especially in Indonesia. The trust we do not waste in vain, precisely on the 30th of January 2016 we made a special event VANkulture in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah - Jakarta, and noted that the event is the first event VANkulture specially made. The event we create are DIY (Do It Your Self) and supported by the communities in Indonesia, such as: Bekasi Auto Family (BAF), Toyota Kijang Club Indonesia (TKCI), Honda Odyssey Community (HOCY), Indonesia Serena Owners Club (ISOI), LivinaXgang, Karimun wagons, and some personal enliven our event. Not only that, the event was covered by leading media both online,

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