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August 23, 2019

I love seeing these types of meet ups. Our small chapters posting pictures of mini meets. Then Alejandro drove to Toronto and met with the group there! Too cool!!! 

First, the Ontario chapter had their get together. Pix from James Luk

then Alejandro drove up to Toronto and met with the group there too!!!

Toronto meet with Alex! Vankultureeeee!! — withSadimar Evangelista, Ma Si, Nick Strudwick and Ján Dro.  - Mark B....

August 11, 2019

I saw that my brothers from Vancouver BC, drive to Calgary. That is a 12hr drive! They did it to participate in Driven (Canadian car show). Also they met with Eric C., who is our VK brother in Calgary.

Felix, Dovid, Mainthan, and Ben W. made the trip and represented!!!

August 10, 2019

Van owners and tuners I feel are two different mindsets of course with some intersectionality. 

When I saw James L and Nick S. post pictures of a meet up they had with a few others, I wanted them to know it didn't go unnoticed and to bring something like this together was pretty cool.

The folks that met up: Sherman, Ronny, Dickson, Nick, Mark, Mario and James.

VK has pockets of owners in many regions and sometimes it won't be as...

August 9, 2019

It was a busy few months.  In May, I was in LA (unfortunately didn't meet up with VK SoCal), then Japan for 2 weeks (met with Taguchi-san) and shortly after, I would go to Vancouver BC (which I met with the brothers out that way). 

Going to Japan, I often times see vans. But vans being tuned and built, I like to see more! 

One night in Takamatsu, I was walking around the Sunport area and a Toyota Hiace drove past. The Hiace...

March 4, 2019

Various pictures from VK members. Since I don't want to spam making individual posts, I decided to group many of them together. The focus is showing the different models, styles, regions and chapters. It's interesting that many regions have a variation or regional specific vans. Some of them I do not know enough to identify, so please understand I don't want to mislabel (and if I do, just let me know).

VANKulture (quick shout o...

August 27, 2018

I met up with everyone in the beginning of August and I mentioned that I was gonna come back and get my kids after 3 weeks. 

My schedule was cut short due to family emergency and this just kinda left me with less time. Original plan was to hit Victoria, but that fell through and we were suppose to leave Sunday, but due to schedule issues, we had to leave Saturday night. 

I touched down in Vancouver BC Thursday night and Felix hi...

August 10, 2018

After WEKfest and meeting our VK Canada brothers, I was hoping to show them around the next day. They had already planned the drive back, so that objective wasn't met. 

I did mention to them that I would be going to Vancouver BC twice in August and I'd like to give them SF gifts since they didn't have a chance to get their own. 

Since it was BC day, it was a 3 day weekend for everyone with Monday being off. Dovid said he was gon...

Suffian and Azim messaged me a few weeks back saying they were gonna be at the Annual big show in Malaysia, Art of Speed (AOS). 

Suffian and Azim represent Malaysia and Raf Rin represented Singapore.  They were gonna represent VK and wanted to know a few things to set up properly. Paul and I gave them info. 

I gave Suffian a call on Whatsapp and was good to connect with him on a personal level. 

I always feel that we sh...

July 3, 2018

When our VK Canada brothers told me they were coming down for Wekfest, I was excited. For me, it isn't just seeing the vans, modified or not, but meeting the people behind them. 

I always feel it is important to welcome and meet up with VK Family whenever possible. 

I did this in Japan with Taguchi-san, I also tried to do this whenever I went somewhere, such as the Philippines (which didn't pan out) and earlier this year in Fran...

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