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Spotlight: Ben Baller and VK

Back in April, Ben Baller, who is a DJ, Producer, actor and jeweler to celebrities reached to Paul saying he wanted to hook up his Pacifica.

Paul, who has spearheaded the Pacifica campaign through VANKulture definitely helped out!


Ben is now an official member of VK. For people who don’t know Ben he is a huge celebrity as he is the go to guy for rappers and celebrities in hollywood. It’s an honor to have him be a part of the community!He got a Pacifica and he wanted to make it look cooler. So we did 😎HUGE THANKS to everyone involved in the project.

@rsrusa @mike_forsythe @kentot88 @wpn.r @conceptonewheels @airrunner_systems @accusa_airsuspension @wetttmedia @qu1ckworks @wellvisors @chrysler @fiatchrysler_na "

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