Stance Nation, West Palm 2018

Melvin shared some pictures of the recent Stance Nation show. He snagged the 1st place Honda Award and Javi got 2nd Place!


Felix sent me a picture of his 2nd van a couple months back. Whoa it was a doozie. Custom front bumper... but it was overall well put together! So he posted pictures from Driven to Inspire car show! Let me the shout outs to: * Driven2Inspire - and IG -->@d2idriven2inspire * the Gorgeous Andrea Purple - IG--> @andrea_purple * Wright Photography - IG --> #wrightphotography * Of course the VK family of Grounded Society!

Spotlight: Grounded Society representing

Again, my boy Felix hooked up me with some good pictures. Grounded Society came out and supported a Charity car show, this was for Lyme disease. So everything was for a good cause!

VANKulture So Cal Meet

A couple months ago, some of the So Cal family started a thread on the FB page trying to see if people wanted to meet up. Well, they got it together and did it! It was held at Luxe Custom Conversions. (Thanks Jeremiah!!) Shout outs to Dom for sending me the pictures! Gotta give a shoutout to the fam too. Juelz, Kenrick, Jennifer, Noah, Maui, Philip, Patrick, and Paul. (let me know if I missed anyone).

Random: All Angles Grand Opening

Patrick submitted some pictures with his Acura TSX along side a VK Sienna. The show was for a grand open of All Angles collision repair shop in Wichita, KS. Thanks Patrick for the pictures!

Spotlight: Tony G's 2nd Gen Odyssey

Tony's Honda Ody is another VK show participant. Definitely has represented properly!! Recently Tony changed up the engine bay! Gotta love Graffiti!!!

Spotlight: Tomo-san's H10 Toyota Alphard

North American markets for vans missed out. We have some great platforms, but we didn't get the good stuff. Toyota kept the Alphards and Vellfires away. We do have it's cousin, the Sienna. The Vellfire seems to be the one I've seen many times over. But seeing an Alphard is equally great and not to mention, older Alphards too. So when I came across Tomo-san's Alphard on IG, I started to follow. He is part of VANKulture Japan, so when he posted pictures, I knew I had to get the on the VKblog! IG -->

Spotlight: Ken's 2nd gen Toyota Sienna

I was excited to see that VK was making things happen for vans. Honda Odysseys have always enjoyed some aftermarket support, but outside of the Toyota Previa, other vans on US soil, not so much. I've always had a thing for a 3rd gen Nissan Quest or a 2nd gen Toyota Sienna. They are relatively affordable and many OEM parts can still be bought (compared to older vans). Tuning in the sense of VANKulture, not as much. Aftermarket support, not that much, if anything. When I saw Ken's 2nd gen Sienna at Wekfest, I was super impressed and we talked for a long time. Later, we would start to have meet ups in our area. (North East Bay). He told me that he wanted his van to be era correct when it comes

Random: Lake Tahoe gathering

There is so much functionality in vans, why wouldn't you build one! Julius M. posted these pictures up. His family all went to Lake Tahoe!

Spotlight: Suffian's Mitsubishi Town box

Different regions, different cars, different culture and different perspective. But always have common interests! And at times, different names/variants of cars. For instance the Mitsubishi Town Box and Proton Juara. Suffian is Mitsubishi Town Box is pretty dope! I like Kei cars and Kei vans are super awesome IMO. So when Suffian posted his Town Box, I was really excited as it was a different take than what we are mostly used to seeing.

Random: Costco runs

A really dope picture by Mark F. (Quest) and James W (Odyssey)!!! We all know that a van is the way to go when shopping with Costco!!! Just gotta park far away from all the horrible parking, swinging doors and runaway carts! LOL Thanks to Mark F for the picture.

Spotlight: Raul G's Mazda 5

Raul recently posted pictures of his Mazda 5 without the roof rack on the FB page. Interestingly, Ken L and I were talking about how the old school JDM wagon magazines had wagons without roof racks. This totally reminded me of that era! Currently:

VoyageLA's interview with Paul Cotaco

Paul posted this on the FB VK page.

Mini meet: Walnut Creek area

This was an impromptu meet up. But last time Ken and I posted, a few people mentioned they live nearby. So the idea popped up again when Ken said we should meet up tomorrow, so I said, "okay, let's meet Sunday night". Some places were mentioned, but we went with the Veranda (which is a new shopping complex). I was happy to meet Allen L, Ralph L, Ray F and Ken and Elaine again. Unfortunately, I was late as I was trying to get my van washed with 5 people before me. Apologies brothers! It's okay for me to ride dirty... but I can't stand bird poop all over the van and it was too embarrassing to have!

Spotlight: Happy Saturdaze

Quan T posted these on the community page. They are of his van along with his friend Long N. These were shot by their friend Joshua aka Flixx Great shots fellas!!!!

Spotlight: Felix's Nissan Elgrand Conversion

I was amazed to see Felix's Elgrand front conversion when he first posted pictures. Then he stepped it up!!! It took some custom work and 1.5 years with 2 different body shops (first one backed out after 4 months). Here's my personal opinion, you can buy a car (or van) or you can build one. I always give props to people who build something and when it is done right and professionally, it always looks amazing. Front end conversion. Then the back end!!! Just a quick note. I'm from the 2000s era, so conversions was a way for people to be creative. Not only that, but many shops put time to do it right and cars would come out looking great. That work is intense and awesome! Final outcome: It is t

Mini meet: VK San Jose

Quang, George and Norwin had a mini meet up. Something about a white vehicle that just seems clean already! Quang and Kroner sent pictures. Thanks Brothers! VK community Facebook Page!

More vanning!

Melvin sent me these pictures with Yariel's Routan. Very dope pictures, but also vans too! IG --> Sazon_con_flavor IG --> Yarielh13

Mini meet: Manhattan

Paul Cotaco was in New York to help with the promotion of the Pacifica. When he touched down in Manhattan, Jandro and Larry M. met up with him. This is actually a pretty cool because being in different regions/countries, meeting up and getting to know each other outside of social media is amazing. There is more intimacy and personal connection with that person.

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