VANkulture philippines

March 4, 2019

Various pictures from VK members. Since I don't want to spam making individual posts, I decided to group many of them together. The focus is showing the different models, styles, regions and chapters. It's interesting that many regions have a variation or regional specific vans. Some of them I do not know enough to identify, so please understand I don't want to mislabel (and if I do, just let me know).

VANKulture (quick shout o...

September 4, 2016

To everyone who attended and supported today's meet, we offer our heartfelt thank you.

This is probably our most successful meet yet. Despite the bad weather, you guys still came and 95 rides were present during the count not including those who left early and those who came in a bit late. Big thanks to the management specially to the two gentlement from Wigo Club Philippines who offered the 5th level parking for ourselves. To...

September 3, 2016

Two years flew by and here I am writing the very first entry for the VKPH blog. A lot has happened and it almost seem so magical to me that we are here to represent VANkulture in the Philippines. Me and Hansen Enerio have always been a fan of the VK builds in the US and little did we know that the day would come that VANkulture would reach the Philippines. This is all thanks to Paul Cotaco, you made this all possible "pare" an...

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