VANkulture Canada

We finally had the chance to submit some of our pics representing VK Canada! Alhough our community is smaller than usual we are a close knit group and we show up to car shows together. Every time we do go we definitely turn heads as seeing vans are definitely not the norm here. We've also been featured here by some of the media outlets and one of them is Here is a link of the article: Hope you enjoy the pics

Sixth Sense Nissan Elgrand

Source: Work Wheels Japan Photographer: JC Pepino Shop Owner’s name: Sixth Sense / 170 Motoring Yasuhiro Kakei (Yasuhiro-san) Van Owner’s name: Marumako This Nissan Elgrand built by Sixth Sense in Japan is on another level of modification. From Inside and out you will see the impeccable details that it exudes. More info: SHOP: SIXTH SENSE Shop location: Osaka / Japan Shop specialty: Body kits for van, wagon and sedan Interior parts Wheels Exhaust sytems Light covers CAR OWNER: When / Where did you purchase the car? The owner bought the car brand new from a Nissan Dealer in July 2005 What did it look like when you purchased it? (was it stock, already modified?) It was fu

Otas Cars Honda Odyssey

Official Work Wheels Japan Pictures of Otas Cars Honda Odyssey. Photographer: JC Pepino Owner’s name: Makoto Fujikura This Honda Odyssey is an amazing piece of work. Details: SHOP: Establishment date: 2011/4 Owner’s name: Yuuki Sato (name of the shop is OTAS, common word inversion in Japan, like Uras for Saru (monkey)...) Shop location: Suzuka, Mie prefecture Shop specialty : Built and sales of customized cars Especially VIP cars Otas Cars sells a couple of original body kits, but mainly built one off cars CAR (please fill in the spec sheet as well): Make/Model: Honda Odyssey RB1 Owner’s name (if different from shop): Makoto Fujikura Purpose of the built: Making a new kind of car, mixi

Leon Hardiritt Gemuts on Honda Odyssey

2007 Honda Odyssey Wheels: Leon Hardiritt Gemuts in Gold brushed clear finish. 20x10 All around and 245/40/20 tires. Suspension: Airrunner Systems Click on our Contact us for inquiries.

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