Tuner Evo award winner!

Congrats to my bro who won an award at Tuner Evo event this past weekend! --> Tuner Evolution IG @tunerevo --> IG Sazon_con_flavor

VKNorcal at Stance Nation 2018

These pictures were from the Stance Nation coverage from March 25, 2018 The Stance Nation award pictures were submitted by Larry Mak, mentioning an IG follower of his posted them. - Model (will update once I get her name) - Larry Mak - Kaminari_photo The 2nd set of photos were from Stance Nation photographer Randy Goco - Randy Goco - Stance Nation

VK Canada Revscene spring meet 2018

I saw the VANKulture Canada (British Columbia chapter) post some pictures on both the IG account and from Adriano. I was told the pre-meet up was with 9 vans, then 6 vans went to the Revscene spring meeting. Revscene has always had a presence in British Columbia as I used to jump on Revscene.net back in the 2000s. Big shout out to my VK brothers/sisters that presented! I hope next time I'm up there I can do some bubble tea runs with you guys! --> Revscene.net --> IG VANKulture Canada

Spotlight: Johnny's 1st generation Odyssey

If you read my introduction post and retrospective posts, you know I dig odysseys. When I saw Johnny's posts on FB, I had to ask if he could send me some pictures! Check it out!

Spotlight: A bae bae

I love the color white with black accents. And while I did pass up on a white Sienna, I can still dream right? Robert's Sienna is kinda how I would envision my van if I had a white one.

Odyssey with FFS-1 wheels

Melvin posted his new wheels! The design is called FFS-1 and he is the only one rocking them. Making it a one off! Specs: FFS-1 3 piece Chrome hardware Machine face Chrome step lips --> IG Sazon con flavor --> FPF Wheels

Spotlight: USKDM_VKJAPAN RA1 Odyssey

Honda Odyssey is one of the vans that has a strong aftermarket, especially in Japan. Naito-san's Odyssey is truly one of a kind! I've noticed that Japan has taken customizing a step further and almost on the creativity level of the early 2000s tuning of Hondas with conversions and wild style. Naito-san is also an Elite member of VK Japan. I wasn't able to connect with him in my recent trips to Japan, but my goal is to meet my VK brothers next time. His location is Yamaguchi, this is West Japan. Let's take a view at his Odyssey!!! --> IG USKDM_VKjapan --> Stance Nation

Retrospect: Lydell's Toyota Previa

Vanning has been around for a long time and even before there was focus on the 3rd generation Sienna, there was the Toyota Previa. Yes, the egg shaped van from the early 90s. There are a few Previa and even Estima builders in North America and are part of VK. Lydell's Previa is OG. It has hit shows many times over the years. But one of the most distinctive parts of his Previa (or I should say his former as he recently sold it) is the Celsior headlight conversion. I want to say he is the only one that has it in North America. I believe it was offered as a front end conversion kit in the mid or late 2000s. Anyways, I was really bummed he sold it because not only do I love it's uniqueness, but

Koja Kitchen run!

I was surprised to know that there were many VK people within my area. So I throw out the ideas of getting some bubble tea or late night snacks. When I was younger, some could hit me up in the evening ask me if I wanted to get some late night snacks and I'd always be down to do that (if I wasn't working). I can't tell you have many good memories I had of meeting up with my crew members, maybe only 2 or 3 of us and just get food or go cruise and take pictures. Sometimes until early morning in a Denny's!!! Nowadays, I have gotten more responsibilities and I'm sure many of you can relate. Family, work and school. Plus now I enjoy sleeping! LOL. Anyways, I'm always down to meet up with a person

Spotlight: Hiroflush_411 Honda Elysion

North America NEVER got anything close the Honda Elysion. So when you see one, they are pretty amazing in person. Some of our VK brothers in Japan have sent me pictures and I wanted to showcase them on the this blog. I did not get a chance to meet with Takahashi-san when I was in Japan. Most of us have been following his Elysion build on IG under his handle, Hiro_411flush. These last 2 images with Tokyo Skytree at night... you don't understand how much I love night shots with a greatly selected background! --> IG Hiro_411Flush --> Stance Nation

Elite Tuner show: Felix's Honda Odyssey

Elite Tuner held an event in the Simone Museum in Philadelphia. The event had over 300 vehicles registered for show. Within the event, there were some activities such as Low Car Limbo contest, 2 Step competition as well as several models going around and posing with various cars. Mr. MC Slick was the host and had the DJ spinning music to get the show vibing. Felix's Odyssey was one of the Top 30 that won an award! Congrats bro!!! As usually, Links and shout outs at the bottom! Model --> Summer --> Elite Tuner --> Grounded Society --> Double-O photography --> On the Street Magazine by Ninja Hardy

Spotlight: 2007 Honda Odyssey EXL

When I look at how many people that are part of VK style of vanning, I am just so impressed. I saw Melvin post a flyer (which I made previous posts of) with his van on it and I asked him if I could post those pictures on here. Like many, his odyssey started out as a family van. As he attended local car shows, he came across another odyssey and was inspired to build his van. That influence became a good friend in Javier M aka jserieshonda (on IG). Christian was then introduced to Boxed Lifestyles and VANKulture. - Mattos Mediapro - Boxed Lifestyle - IG - Sazon_con_flavor

RE Works H10W Toyota Alphard

There is a shop that a few of my friends go to. The shop is called RE-Works and they do some great customizing. They do paint, interiors, but one thing I absolutely love, they do custom work. You give them the idea and they will make something. I asked Sawada-san if I could post these pictures and he said yes. I was delighted to see them remake this 1st generation Toyota Alphard! The outcome was very captivating for me. Before: After:

Spotlight: Sakura RB3 Honda Odyssey

North American markets did not get the RB3 JDM version of the 4th generation Honda Odyssey. One of my goals with the blog is to spotlight these different vans and to learn from them. Yamamoto-san send me these amazing pictures of his van and since it is the Sakura blossoming, it makes the background super nice! Yamamoto-san's van is equally beautiful as well. ヴァニングと一緒に楽しく過ごしましょう! 山本さんありがとうございました。 IG --> yxsxhxkx

VK Colombia

I saw my VK brother Fernando post about VANKulture Colombia. I was glad to see expansion into South America! In almost every corner of the world, there is a group of people modding cars... to see these vans, awesome. With that said, different regions, different vehicles, and different perspectives. Sometimes even a fresh perspective! I asked Fernando for some pictures and what vans they use: He mentioned Hyundai Starex, Suzuki APV, Toyota Hiace and Chevy van. Very cool! IG --> VANKulture Colombia

Spotlight: Sakura Nissan Elgrand Autech Rider

If you didn't know, I am attached to the Nissan Leopard community (F31). When I visited Japan in 2016, I met many of the Leopard owners whom used to make their own HP (homepage) and had pictures. I was kinda refreshed to also see that even though many of them had Leopards, some had families and had to move on. Even with a van, many of the support the F31 community and show up for the events. One of the Leopard Committee members is my friend Sugiyama-san. I was able to check out his 2003 Elgrand All mode 4x4. It was also an Autech Rider version too!!! I believe there are a couple Autech Rider versions for the E51 Elgrand. I believe this is just the Rider version. It was really clean and nice

Opinion: Vanning Perspective

One of the VK brothers hit me up and asked about my introduction post. He asked me about my perspective on vans in general. I told him I could only offer my perspective on vanning and everyone interprets things differently. The term vanning is a term that has been used since the 70s/80s according to my research. I have seen it used in a broad sense such as 70s VW bus or someone using a camper van to the guys in Japan that build the extreme looking Toyota Hiace van. My perspective of vanning takes the approach of an enthusiast of the van itself first and foremost. I want to see what the engineers and designers see in the vehicle. I want to appreciate the vehicle as is. Then, I imagine the pot

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