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Happy 2nd Anniversary VKPH!

To everyone who attended and supported today's meet, we offer our heartfelt thank you.

This is probably our most successful meet yet. Despite the bad weather, you guys still came and 95 rides were present during the count not including those who left early and those who came in a bit late. Big thanks to the management specially to the two gentlement from Wigo Club Philippines who offered the 5th level parking for ourselves. To Liteaceclub Ph, HiAce Club Philippines who were with us since day one, thank you very much. and of course, to our friends from Static Crew, Ever Since, Tanginamo Lifestyle and Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted who were always there with us, thank you for your unfailing support! If I ever missed anyone, my apologies but you know who you guys are.

Special thanks also to Kurt Babas of Happy Stance Philippines and Instancegram, Clyde Sayno of Irie Productions and Paumigs Reyes. Maraming salamat sa inyo!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to us, VANkulture Philippines. Cheers for two years! See you guys next meet.

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