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Work Wheels Sienna and Odyssey

JC Pepino of Work wheels Japan had a few days to hang out in SF Bay area so we decided to do a quick photoshoot. When we heard that JC was around, we had to contact him to see if we can coordinate and we were glad that he was happy to oblige as well. Photos were taken at the NASA facility near Mountain View, CA and we were able to capture some amazing backdrops of a decommissioned Hangar and some planes. Along with JC's amazing photography skills, the pictures came out epic. There are more pics to come from this portfolio so stay tuned!

Jason Franco's Toyota Sienna and My Nguyen's Honda Odyssey featured 2 Work wheels which are the CV201 and the CV203 from the Gnosis family.

Specs are:

Odyssey - CV203 20x10 +25 all around

Sienna - CV201 20x10.5 +25 all around

Check out more of their wheels at or

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