VANKulture, Toronto Canada meets

I love seeing these types of meet ups. Our small chapters posting pictures of mini meets. Then Alejandro drove to Toronto and met with the group there! Too cool!!! First, the Ontario chapter had their get together. Pix from James Luk then Alejandro drove up to Toronto and met with the group there too!!! Toronto meet with Alex! Vankultureeeee!! — withSadimar Evangelista, Ma Si, Nick Strudwick and Ján Dro. - Mark B.

Our Russian brothers

When I started to see some of the VK hashtags coming from Russia, I was kinda interested to see what they had to offer. 1. Russia has a ton of Japanese cars imported. 2. I wanted to know if it was just van owners hashtagging VK or were they actually members/chapter. In all honesty, I was happy to see a chapter in Russia. I think they can offer a different perspective on tuning. I asked Aleksandar for some pictures and he did not disappoint! He bombed my DM with awesome pictures!!!! I love meeting with other VK members as much as possible. So if you don't follow them on Instagram, I'll make the links here: IG - VANKulture Russia I hope I get this right as Aleksandar sent me tons of pictures a

Driven Calgary 2019

I saw that my brothers from Vancouver BC, drive to Calgary. That is a 12hr drive! They did it to participate in Driven (Canadian car show). Also they met with Eric C., who is our VK brother in Calgary. Felix, Dovid, Mainthan, and Ben W. made the trip and represented!!!

Ontario Canada Meet up

Van owners and tuners I feel are two different mindsets of course with some intersectionality. When I saw James L and Nick S. post pictures of a meet up they had with a few others, I wanted them to know it didn't go unnoticed and to bring something like this together was pretty cool. The folks that met up: Sherman, Ronny, Dickson, Nick, Mark, Mario and James. VK has pockets of owners in many regions and sometimes it won't be as big as it is in NorCal or other locations. Nonetheless, just celebrating the gatherings is awesome and I want those brothers and sisters to know it's celebrated.

Spotlight: Ben Baller and VK

Back in April, Ben Baller, who is a DJ, Producer, actor and jeweler to celebrities reached to Paul saying he wanted to hook up his Pacifica. Paul, who has spearheaded the Pacifica campaign through VANKulture definitely helped out! " BEN BALLER DID THE VAN! Ben is now an official member of VK. For people who don’t know Ben he is a huge celebrity as he is the go to guy for rappers and celebrities in hollywood. It’s an honor to have him be a part of the community!He got a Pacifica and he wanted to make it look cooler. So we did 😎HUGE THANKS to everyone involved in the project. @rsrusa @mike_forsythe @kentot88 @wpn.r @conceptonewheels @airrunner_systems @accusa_airsuspension @wetttmedia @qu1ckw

F31Roger's International VK meetings.

It was a busy few months. In May, I was in LA (unfortunately didn't meet up with VK SoCal), then Japan for 2 weeks (met with Taguchi-san) and shortly after, I would go to Vancouver BC (which I met with the brothers out that way). Going to Japan, I often times see vans. But vans being tuned and built, I like to see more! One night in Takamatsu, I was walking around the Sunport area and a Toyota Hiace drove past. The Hiace has always drawn me to it... to add, this was also a "VIP"style. Thanks to my brother Tsuyoshi! I was also able to meet my brother Taguchi-san again! I am never close to where he lives, which is Nagano. The closest I get close to him is Saitama. So when I went to Saitama,

Tuner Evolution Philadelphia 2019

Felix (the thot) called me the other week and we talked about how VK represented on the East Coast, but also a pretty significant step for Vans in general - a Van category! Felix had a conversation with Jay M. (owner/promoter of Tuner Evolution) about having a van section. Vans have never had their own segment in many of the US shows. It is always grouped with other vehicles such as SUVs, Wagons and Boxes. Once it was official, The VK East Coast guys started to put it together. Honestly, the showing is pretty cool since some of these guys are not close to each other. Not only that, it was a diverse in quite a few ways. Different makes and models, USDM and JDM. Japanese and American vans. Loo

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