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August 9, 2019

It was a busy few months.  In May, I was in LA (unfortunately didn't meet up with VK SoCal), then Japan for 2 weeks (met with Taguchi-san) and shortly after, I would go to Vancouver BC (which I met with the brothers out that way). 

Going to Japan, I often times see vans. But vans being tuned and built, I like to see more! 

One night in Takamatsu, I was walking around the Sunport area and a Toyota Hiace drove past. The Hiace...

March 4, 2019

Various pictures from VK members. Since I don't want to spam making individual posts, I decided to group many of them together. The focus is showing the different models, styles, regions and chapters. It's interesting that many regions have a variation or regional specific vans. Some of them I do not know enough to identify, so please understand I don't want to mislabel (and if I do, just let me know).

VANKulture (quick shout o...

August 31, 2018

My brother Taguchi-san has sent me some pix!! They are just too good not to share!!!

Suffian and Azim messaged me a few weeks back saying they were gonna be at the Annual big show in Malaysia, Art of Speed (AOS). 

Suffian and Azim represent Malaysia and Raf Rin represented Singapore.  They were gonna represent VK and wanted to know a few things to set up properly. Paul and I gave them info. 

I gave Suffian a call on Whatsapp and was good to connect with him on a personal level. 

I always feel that we sh...

Taguchi-san and VK Japan went to Wagon Resort event.

The video on youtube is really awesome. For some reason, it's not 100% in this blog, so I added the link.

June 12, 2018

Airrunner sent Paul some hi-rez pictures for the blog. When I got these images, I was blown away. Photographer grade photos. 

The context of this event is that it is held for people to try the Airrunner's system and test drive it on their vehicles. 

May 16, 2018

North American markets for vans missed out. We have some great platforms, but we didn't get the good stuff.

Toyota kept the Alphards and Vellfires away. We do have it's cousin, the Sienna. 

The Vellfire seems to be the one I've seen many times over. But seeing an Alphard is equally great and not to mention, older Alphards too.

So when I came across Tomo-san's Alphard on IG, I started to follow. He is part of VANKulture Japan, so...

April 19, 2018

Honda Odyssey is one of the vans that has a strong aftermarket, especially in Japan. Naito-san's Odyssey is truly one of a kind!

I've noticed that Japan has taken customizing a step further and almost on the creativity level of the early 2000s tuning of Hondas with conversions and wild style. 

Naito-san is also an Elite member of VK Japan. I wasn't able to connect with him in my recent trips to Japan, but my goal is to meet my V...

April 17, 2018

North America NEVER got anything close the Honda Elysion. So when you see one, they are pretty amazing in person. 

Some of our VK brothers in Japan have sent me pictures and I wanted to showcase them on the this blog. 

I did not get a chance to meet with Takahashi-san when I was in Japan. Most of us have been following his Elysion build on IG under his handle, Hiro_411flush.

These last 2 images with Tokyo Skytree at night... you...

April 17, 2018

There is a shop that a few of my friends go to. The shop is called RE-Works and they do some great customizing. They do paint, interiors, but one thing I absolutely love, they do custom work. You give them the idea and they will make something. 

I asked Sawada-san if I could post these pictures and he said yes. 

I was delighted to see them remake this 1st generation Toyota Alphard! The outcome was very captivating for me. 


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