Hot Import Nights, San Jose, 2018

HIN rolled around again. I was in Southern California at the time, so I missed out! Ken, Travis, Tony and Paul participated with their vans. VKone was set up for the photos as well! Check the video at the bottom!

Spotlight: 1st Gen Odyssey mini gathering

I absolutely love the 1st generation Odysseys. I just think they look great. Andrew posted these on the FB page and I had to get them on the blog because I feel the RA Odyssey isn't represented as much. Andrew mentioned that he lives between Chicago and Milwaukee and that the owners of these vans (White Ody came drove from Milwaukee and the 2 others came from Chicago). Andrew's Odyssey and the white Odyssey have both been converted to manual transmission. Andrew's story about the white Odyssey goes back to when his friend (who scraps cars) picked it up. It was clean with a bad transmission. Andrew tried to get his friends to buy it, but someone he had met with an Odyssey picked it up. That p

Bubble World!!!

I met up with everyone in the beginning of August and I mentioned that I was gonna come back and get my kids after 3 weeks. My schedule was cut short due to family emergency and this just kinda left me with less time. Original plan was to hit Victoria, but that fell through and we were suppose to leave Sunday, but due to schedule issues, we had to leave Saturday night. I touched down in Vancouver BC Thursday night and Felix hit me asking my schedule. I told him that Friday I'll be doing family stuff around Coquitlam and Deep Cove, but after that, I can meet up for some Boba tea. Felix gave me the directions and we met up. Last time, we didn't get a group shot, so this time, I wanted to make

Wekfest SoCal meeting

While Paul was in Southern California for Wekfest and the Pacifica presentation, he met up with the So Cal VKfamily. Pacifica set up. I wish I knew everyone, but I will get everyone up shortly. Kenrick, Paul and Steve.

Tuner Evolution 2018

Felix posted these pix with the RB1 Odyssey at Tuner Evo... I definitely needed them up on this blog! Thanks brother!!! Credits - Tuner Evolution, Double-O photography and SR (?) Photography


Tony sent these in! Pretty dope! Dubshow My bro taking a trophy!

VANKulture Canada BC mini meet

After WEKfest and meeting our VK Canada brothers, I was hoping to show them around the next day. They had already planned the drive back, so that objective wasn't met. I did mention to them that I would be going to Vancouver BC twice in August and I'd like to give them SF gifts since they didn't have a chance to get their own. Since it was BC day, it was a 3 day weekend for everyone with Monday being off. Dovid said he was gonna be camping, while Mainthan and Felix said we could meet up. Mainthan said Monday at 8pm would be good as some of the guys could be back from camping and other family activities. I agreed. That Monday morning, I had a family outing to Joffre Lakes. I didn't realize it

VANKulture Russia

If you didn't know, Russia imports tons of Japanese vehicles. I've been friends with people out that way and I always find it interesting that the get some pretty cool vehicles and their tuning scene is awesome. So when I saw that the Russian branch started, I had to try and reach out. Language can be a barrier and I think translations get mixed up. Язык может быть барьером, и я думаю, что переводы перепутаны. But I'm here to support. Я здесь, чтобы поддержать. I'm trying to communicate with them more, but here are some of the members! The first meeting!

Art of Speed, Malaysia 2018

Suffian and Azim messaged me a few weeks back saying they were gonna be at the Annual big show in Malaysia, Art of Speed (AOS). Suffian and Azim represent Malaysia and Raf Rin represented Singapore. They were gonna represent VK and wanted to know a few things to set up properly. Paul and I gave them info. I gave Suffian a call on Whatsapp and was good to connect with him on a personal level. I always feel that we should try to support our brothers, so I always keep my channels open. Suffian got the banner and stickers printed up in time for the show! Interactions! During the AOS show, Suffian (Mitsubishi Townbox) and Raf Rin (Honda Odyssey) were showing. Azim had his Townbox outside. The lo

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