Wagon Resort Japan 2018 report

Taguchi-san and VK Japan went to Wagon Resort event. The video on youtube is really awesome. For some reason, it's not 100% in this blog, so I added the link. https://youtu.be/i_yORPvOsDw?t=1m9s

Stance-Con, UT 2018

Ken L. and Phong T. represented VANKulture at this event. Thanks for the pictures fam! Update: Phong send me his pictures! Also the gorgeous lady, Molly Dynasee!

Airrunner’s ride experience event 2018

Airrunner sent Paul some hi-rez pictures for the blog. When I got these images, I was blown away. Photographer grade photos. The context of this event is that it is held for people to try the Airrunner's system and test drive it on their vehicles.

Random: A Team style Elgrand

I found this kinda interesting. I like Elgrands and follow a group page on FB that is UK based. D. Shaw saw one of this and took a picture... Being an 80s kid and in to vans... this just made perfect sense to me!

Spotlight: Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear

Chris and I have talked on IG at times. He has an imported Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear with the Venus Aero!!! I am a huge Delica fan (typically of the brick versions) but the next generation which is more aerodynamic isn't bad either. I didn't know there was a tuning version for vanning. From what I understand, the Venus Aero unique and uncommon. It is a slick looking van!

Ramadhan Meet up 2018

It's Ramadhan and our VK family in Indonesia (and others) are celebrating. I saw this posted up and adittoro sent me some pictures! Yes. It is always good to check in with our family around the world! Looked like they had a good get together! IG --> @VANKulture_Indonesia

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