VANkulture Philippines EST. 09.30.2014

Two years flew by and here I am writing the very first entry for the VKPH blog. A lot has happened and it almost seem so magical to me that we are here to represent VANkulture in the Philippines. Me and Hansen Enerio have always been a fan of the VK builds in the US and little did we know that the day would come that VANkulture would reach the Philippines. This is all thanks to Paul Cotaco, you made this all possible "pare" and we can never imagine how we can pay you back but to represent VANkulture with pride, respect and love.

Allow me to share some of the rides and the people who are part of the VKPH Family:

Below are the twins of VKPH, my "Mitsuki" together with Hansen's Mitsubishi Adventure.

Hiro and Hansen's Mitsubishi Adventure "Twins"

Hansen recently parted ways with his Mitsubishi Adventure then moved on to a new build - this time in the form of a 2016 Subaru Forester (Watch out for this build).

The Toyota "Innova"s of VKPH or in some countries called the Toyota "Kijang"

always present since day one, the Liteace Club Philippines

also together with us since the beginning was the HiAce Club Philippines

and of course, our friends from Static Crew, Ever Since, Tanginamo Lifestyle and Stance Pilipinas/ Manila Fitted whom despite having different rides (mostly sedan) they were always there during our meets to support. Special thanks also to Kurt Babas of Happy Stance Philippines and Instancegram who passionately shoots/ covers the meets of the local car scene including ours, VKPH. Thanks so much bro!

Meanwhile, here are some more rides from VKPH:

JC Monastrial's "DangKijang"

Ey Ey Alegado's neatly done 2nd gen Mitsubishi Adventure