Javi's Honda Odyssey #Boxedlifestyle

Big Apple Magic features Javier Martinez's Honda Odyssey in this epic video. Javi resides in Florida and represents Boxed Lifestyle as well as Vkmiami. Check it out!

Rey Acosta's Unlimitedwraps Toyota Sienna

Another van that was featured by Vossen, this van runs on the new forged Vossen VPS-303 Precision series wheels. This van is such an attention getter and those wheels definitely help achieve that. Watch and enjoy!

Nax Whitmore's Nissan Quest / Elgrand

Vossen featured Nax Whitmore's Nissan Quest converted to the JDM version Elgrand front end and this this is beautiful. This particular van is fitted with Vossen's VFS-1 wheels. Nax is also the owner of Fortuneminds. a shop based in Florida. Check it out!

Mike Nguyen's CVTdesigns Honda Odyssey

Mike really knows how to do up a van, especially when he does it in his own shop in Texas, CVTdesigns. Check out the video done by the folks at BigAppleMagic. Check it out!!

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