Pacificas at Chrysler Nationals

I've been wanting to get more Pacifica content on the blogs. When Jandro and Louie posted pix of their Pacificas at the Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, PA, I had to have them! Thanks to Jandro and Louie for the info and pictures!

Autocon, New York 2018

Autocon was held in New York on July 8th, 2018. My brother Felix sent some pictures of the vans that were there. Thanks brother!!! Chin's Toyota Sienna! Finest VIP runner up And another interesting van! Robert's JDM RB1 Honda Odyssey Credits: Felix for the pix and info! --> IG: Autocon --> Chin - Congrats and thanks for representing Robert --> IG: RB1Ody

VANKulture Canada arrival for Wekfest

When our VK Canada brothers told me they were coming down for Wekfest, I was excited. For me, it isn't just seeing the vans, modified or not, but meeting the people behind them. I always feel it is important to welcome and meet up with VK Family whenever possible. I did this in Japan with Taguchi-san, I also tried to do this whenever I went somewhere, such as the Philippines (which didn't pan out) and earlier this year in France (wasn't 100% sure if there was people lurking with Renault Espace). I try because you just never know! "22 hours, 1000+ miles" ----------------------------------------------- I was gonna try and meet them on Saturday, but I worked and I figured they wanted to rest. I

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