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F31Roger's International VK meetings.

It was a busy few months. In May, I was in LA (unfortunately didn't meet up with VK SoCal), then Japan for 2 weeks (met with Taguchi-san) and shortly after, I would go to Vancouver BC (which I met with the brothers out that way).

Going to Japan, I often times see vans. But vans being tuned and built, I like to see more!

One night in Takamatsu, I was walking around the Sunport area and a Toyota Hiace drove past. The Hiace has always drawn me to it... to add, this was also a "VIP"style. Thanks to my brother Tsuyoshi!

I was also able to meet my brother Taguchi-san again! I am never close to where he lives, which is Nagano. The closest I get close to him is Saitama. So when I went to Saitama, he drove his MPV to meet us.

Happens that my friend Suenaga-san also has a Mazda Bongo Van as his daily car. I like these vans, but I love that they are related yet so different!


Last year, I went to Vancouver BC 2x and both times I was able to meet with my brothers there.

This year, I went 3x since my wife and kids were there for the summer.

When I first touched down, they said there was the Driven show they were participating in, so I met with Dovid, Mainthan, Ben, Eric and Benny inside the show.

This was important because Eric C. drove from Calgary (11hr drive) to participate in show. Few months prior, Driven was in Calgary, Felix, Mainthan, Dovid and Ben W. drove out there to participate (which is another post).

Pictures are on my other website, here: Driven Vancouver 2019

After Driven, we met for dinner in Richmond.


I returned a month later and we had a bbq at the Spanish Banks. Felix drove his Toyota Alphard, which I love the older vans! Benz L came out, Adriano brought his family, Mainthan and Mandy, Felix and his family. I brought my boys.

It was super cool. Mainthan and Adriano were always cooking some good food!

The Kiddos!

The Ladies.

The Fellas

I had to take a picture with the Alphard!

Thank you to my brothers! I can't thank you enough for inviting me and spending time! I hope the next time you come down to California, I can/will return the favors!





Felix and Shirley

Mainthan and Mandy


Ben W.

Eric C.

Benny S.

Adriano and family.

Benz L.

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