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Chicago Auto Show 2020 / Chrysler 2021 Pacifica Press Release

We were personally invited by Chrysler to attend their press release of their new 2021 Pacifica! This was actually the first time we attended a press release with the Chrysler brand in relation to a new or updated version of their top selling minivan. Compared to the first generation Pacifica, we only had the chance to attend their press release when it was our build in collaboration with them was released at the LA auto show back in 2016 so this one was definitely an exciting event for us because of that.

I wanted to invite some of the VK Chicago chapter guys to attend the event and I was able to bring 5 of them.

We were all handed a very nice pillow including a Chrysler badged USB drive that is also the same material that they used for their new quilted nappa leather interior on their new Pacifica which we will be talking about next so it was great some of the guys were able to attend.

Now on to the 2021 Pacifica...


The whole 2021MY Pacifica lineup now houses a new more aggressive front end, as well as the new LED tail lights that go end to end reminiscent of the many vehicles' style on the FCA family of cars. The new LED for the low beams are actually considered the widest of all LED lights in the industry so that's not only an appearance upgrade since you now lose the look of the yellow, dim halogens to white color output, but you also get the brighter, safer and lower power consumption. Chrysler also said it will now be on all the new Pacificas regardless of trim. That is AWESOME! As car enthusiasts you know we love that stuff. That's actually one of the first things we upgrade when we get a new car with halogen lights. You know I'm right.

Pictured below is also the Ceramic Grey color with the black S seats that we've all come to love (Remember the grey VK Pacifica van we built with the photo booth inside?) . We were also told that they have also upgraded the brakes and made them beefier to 18" to add more safety to the vehicle's dynamics especially since the AWD is now in play. New 20" wheels in black finish also complement the new additions giving it an even sportier look than ever before.


The very first thing you notice when you look at the inside is the newly designed front row mid console that now houses a top and bottom portion is now connected all the way to the dashboard resembling many of the SUV center console designs you see in the industry and now also have side panels to give you a more usable, functional and, in my opinion, better looking configuration. Some models, like the Pinnacle, which we will be discussing later on will also have a longer, extending cupholder and storage drawer that comes out from the front row to give the 2nd row occupants a better, closer access to their drinks and maybe some accessories. The screen on the new Pacificas are now 10.1" and will also have the newest UConnect 5 technology which we were told is now run on an Android platform for much crisper, faster and responsive system. Wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto are also standard as well as Alexa now being added. So remember those Costco grocery lists or calendar appointments that you added at your Alexa device at home? Well you can access it on your van too.

Pacifica S Limited AWD

Yes an AWD version of the Pacifica! It's nice that the Pacifica now has the AWD in their lineup because before they released this one, the Sienna was the only van that even had AWD so there was no competition or other options if you were looking for a van that needed AWD. Now you have at least 2 options to choose from and that always works out good for us, the consumers.

The new flagship for the 2021MY Pacifica - Pacifica Hybrid Pinnacle

The Pinnacle trim is now the top choice if you want the top of the line Pacifica. It will be the only trim that will have the luxurious, new quilted tan nappa leather including pillows that the 2nd row occupants will enjoy especially on road trips. Pictured below is also their new color, the Fathom Blue which is definitely gorgeous especially when you see it in person. The new ultra console also has a bigger arm rest resting on top of the center console instead of it being 2 small armrests attached to the front seats. Newly designed wheels are also specific to the Pinnacle trim only which adds to the luxury level and finally the Velour headliner and wood trim accents all over the interior are the finishing touches.

Pacifica Limited trim in beautiful red Velvet

The Pacifica Team and Chrysler's CEO - Tim Kuniskis

Finally I wanted to say how much of an honor it was to meet not only the CEO Tim Kuniskis for the whole FCA brand but also the chief engineer Brian Swanson, exterior designer Lou Gasevski as well as the interior designer Winnie Cheung for the Pacifica. Pictured as well is our main contact at Chrysler's Head of marketing operations Vince Maccani.

It's been an amazing experience to not only be part of Chrysler's current and future plans with one of their vehicles and we hope to continue to do even more with them this coming year.

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