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bB SQUAD | St. Louis

On Wednesday February 3rd, 2016 Toyota announced that the Scion brand would no longer exist. Over the weeks, social media was the channel for many Scion owners to show the gratitude towards the brand. Many owners reflecting over the years of ownership and how the brand had brought together many enthusiast from around the world. Many who are now considered friends and some even family.

As an owner of a 2005 Scion xb, I can relate to the impact of owning the vehicle had in my personal life. I remember spending long hours searching the internet for aftermarket parts. A site in particular was, the site provided a forum in which Scion owners could connect, share pictures, trade and sell parts. The forum became a meeting ground for many enthusiast to become friends and family.

A family in particular was the bBsquad team. The group showcased some of the best JDM inspired Scion xB's. Builds from all over the country formed part of the elite crew. One of the members representing St.Louis is Craig Brown know as bbsquad_bcpbox in social media, He is the owner of a 2005 black cherry xb and over the years Craig has transformed the stock xB to the modded bB showcased below. I was able to catch Craig 2 summer's ago while on his way to OffsetKings Chicago. The bB has since gone through a few more changes and we hope to shoot it soon. In the mean while enjoy the set.


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