End of the Year Meet at DIY or Die 2018

After a busy 2018, it was the end of the year meeting. I was hoping to do more with VK this year, such as HIN and NorCal BBQ, but I was sick both times. I was able to go to this meeting and it was awesome. Tons of great vans, but also a good shop/resource for any car/van enthusiasts. Here are the pictures at DIY or Die and the meeting spot not to far. DIY or Die shop Final area

NorCal BBQ 2018

Kinda behind and I was suppose to go to this event, but I was sick again. I believe Ray F took these pix. I don't mind adding more pix, just let me know. It's interesting how big VK NorCal is.

Tuner Evo 2018

My boy Felix posted these up awhile ago. I definitely had to get them up! Thanks bro!

Twin Cities VK chapter

Whenever I see a some vans represent at a small show or gathering under the VK banner, it's great to see. I always want to make sure those smaller chapters and those areas are not forgotten. So here is Hubert T and Fred S.

Interesting Race Sienna

Chris S. shared this picture recently. Very interesting. Reason why I find it interesting because the newer vehicles are given pretty decent horsepower. My Supercharged Previa kicks about 160hp I think? The 3rd gen Sienna was is a good 260 or something like that! My SE gives me some torque steer at times! So I naturally wonder how a Sienna would do on the track!

Let's Van! VANkulture chapters shoutout

Various pictures from VK members. Since I don't want to spam making individual posts, I decided to group many of them together. The focus is showing the different models, styles, regions and chapters. It's interesting that many regions have a variation or regional specific vans. Some of them I do not know enough to identify, so please understand I don't want to mislabel (and if I do, just let me know). VANKulture (quick shout outs, not order. Ranger, Kroner, Jandro, Steve M, Louie C, Quang, Morris, Larry, Chris Q, Alemer, Kong V, Jacob E... anyone I missed? I know there are tons of fam! Let me know. VK Malaysia and Singapore Suffian and brothers having food. Ayen S's 2 two tone "mini van", A

VK SoCal Meet n Greet 1-20-19

Our VK family SoCal chapter had a meet up at LUXE. Amazing to see different generations of vans meet! Pictures are from Paul M, Louis L, Dom A, Jon W and Juez. Looked like a good meet family! Dom A Louis L Paul M Jon W.

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