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Otas Cars Honda Odyssey

Official Work Wheels Japan Pictures of Otas Cars Honda Odyssey. Photographer: JC Pepino

Owner’s name: Makoto Fujikura

This Honda Odyssey is an amazing piece of work.



Establishment date: 2011/4

Owner’s name: Yuuki Sato (name of the shop is OTAS, common word inversion in Japan, like Uras for Saru (monkey)...)

Shop location: Suzuka, Mie prefecture

Shop specialty : Built and sales of customized cars Especially VIP cars Otas Cars sells a couple of original body kits, but mainly built one off cars

CAR (please fill in the spec sheet as well):

Make/Model: Honda Odyssey RB1

Owner’s name (if different from shop): Makoto Fujikura

Purpose of the built: Making a new kind of car, mixing different styles

History of the built (start / versions / events /etc.): The idea was to create something new in the Wagon scene Being a fan of TRA Kyoto Miura-san’s Rocket Bunny kits and wanted to do the same on a Wagon.

Key points: Beauty and perfect balance of the body

Rewards : Many, can’t remember all of them

How long you had it for? 7 years

Why this particular car over others? Widebody wagon

What's your favorite thing about it? The one off rivet over fenders

What was the biggest challenge you had with it? (did you run into any serious issues in the process?) Reach a perfect balance with the body lines

What future plans do you have for it? No plan for now, but as soon as I have a new idea, I try it!

Anything else you wanna add? (Maybe tell me a bit more stuff that gets overlooked by others, or really anything else you think the people reading should know about it.)

I love to experience new shapes and try different styles, no matter what people say. I follow my believes and built cars that will create emotions when you look at them

Sato-san, 33 years old, has been into the car scene for a while but only recently created his own body shop. He is behind ismart (apparel shop), with Ichiraku-san (RAUH Welt Begriff Kansai) and Matsutani-san (manager of ismart shop).

I think one young guy is working with him at the body shop. Looks like he works late every day, and has several projects running at the same time. First time I noticed one of his cars was at the Osaka Auto Messe. I was amazed by the exhaust system he made! Some crazy spaghetti shit! Must kill the engine but damn it looked funky! Hard to say how big is his reputation but he got an impressive group of friends/customers! So many cool cars I wanna shoot!

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