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Sixth Sense Nissan Elgrand

Source: Work Wheels Japan

Photographer: JC Pepino

Shop Owner’s name:

Sixth Sense / 170 Motoring

Yasuhiro Kakei (Yasuhiro-san)

Van Owner’s name:


This Nissan Elgrand built by Sixth Sense in Japan is on another level of modification. From Inside and out you will see the impeccable details that it exudes.

More info:


Shop location:

Osaka / Japan

Shop specialty:

Body kits for van, wagon and sedan Interior parts Wheels Exhaust sytems

Light covers


When / Where did you purchase the car?

The owner bought the car brand new from a Nissan Dealer in July 2005

What did it look like when you purchased it? (was it stock, already modified?)

It was full stock!

What was the guideline of the built?

We wanted to build a van with over fenders, something never seen before! It’s a “hyper euro concept” (Note: I don’t really know what the owner wants to say with this designation)

When did you start to build the car?

We started the project in 2013. It took us a little bit less than a year to complete it.

How many steps / versions did the car have?

The car was built in one time

What is your favorite thing about it?

I personally really like the muffler work and the “new generation” over fenders.

What was the hardest part of the built, the most difficult modification?

The acrylic one-off headlights took use a lot of time to create. The one-off over fenders too!

How the car is use now (meeting only, daily drive, track, etc.)

The car was built to be released at the 2014 Osaka Auto Messe. It’s daily driven, but also used for shows. It will join other events and meeting around Japan from now.

How many events do you go to with the car?

6 so far, most of them were major events in Japan

What people say about it?

People always ask about the muffler! Definitely a special point of the car. They also like the rivet fixed over fenders, something we don’t usally see on big vans! A fresh touch on the van body kit market!

What are you future projects?

We want to work on the interior, create new covers and do plastic flocking

Rewards / best lap / records:

A couple of awards at events and shows

JC’s word

This Elgrand is one of a kind! The swing door system, replacing the sliding type, is unique in japan! Only way to use the riveted overfenders.

The work done is amazing and the high quality finishes bring this built to another level! The doors open and close perfectly, like it was built by Nissan like this! The air suspension allows the owner to drive it on the street on regular basis. Believe it or not, Japanese streets is full of crazy cars like this!

Sixth Sense has a strong reputation in the Kansai area but also all over Japan. Their body kits are very popular and the demo cars they built over the years always got a lot of attention from magazines etc. Yasuhiro-san recently created his own wheel brand and offers 2 different models.

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