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Spotlight: 1st Gen Odyssey mini gathering

I absolutely love the 1st generation Odysseys. I just think they look great.

Andrew posted these on the FB page and I had to get them on the blog because I feel the RA Odyssey isn't represented as much.

Andrew mentioned that he lives between Chicago and Milwaukee and that the owners of these vans (White Ody came drove from Milwaukee and the 2 others came from Chicago).

Andrew's Odyssey and the white Odyssey have both been converted to manual transmission.

Andrew's story about the white Odyssey goes back to when his friend (who scraps cars) picked it up. It was clean with a bad transmission. Andrew tried to get his friends to buy it, but someone he had met with an Odyssey picked it up. That person swapped in a Prelude LSD transmission, but lost interest and sold the van to someone in Milwaukee.

Full circle, that owner then met with Andrew and he verified all the story!

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