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VANKulture Canada BC mini meet

After WEKfest and meeting our VK Canada brothers, I was hoping to show them around the next day. They had already planned the drive back, so that objective wasn't met.

I did mention to them that I would be going to Vancouver BC twice in August and I'd like to give them SF gifts since they didn't have a chance to get their own.

Since it was BC day, it was a 3 day weekend for everyone with Monday being off. Dovid said he was gonna be camping, while Mainthan and Felix said we could meet up.

Mainthan said Monday at 8pm would be good as some of the guys could be back from camping and other family activities. I agreed.

That Monday morning, I had a family outing to Joffre Lakes. I didn't realize it would be very far as I didn't plan for it. Joffre Lake is past Pemberton. That took all day to get to and go back.

I had hit Burnaby around 8pm. Messaged Felix about being late and he gave me the address to Browns Socialhouse Brewery in New Westminster. The location was idea as it is in the middle for everyone.

Quite a few people came out and met up. I always say this, it doesn't matter the car, it matters the person. They made me feel welcomed.

After a drink and some chicken wings, we headed out to a place to take pictures.

We drove to a place not that far. It was a parking structure called "Front St Parkade".

We then started to take pictures.

I always want to try to show the vehicles are in different regions based on landmarks, architecture and environment. Having the Skybridge in the background was one of those ways.


and Alex Fraser bridge on the other end.


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