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Spotlight: Ken's 2nd gen Toyota Sienna

I was excited to see that VK was making things happen for vans. Honda Odysseys have always enjoyed some aftermarket support, but outside of the Toyota Previa, other vans on US soil, not so much.

I've always had a thing for a 3rd gen Nissan Quest or a 2nd gen Toyota Sienna. They are relatively affordable and many OEM parts can still be bought (compared to older vans).

Tuning in the sense of VANKulture, not as much. Aftermarket support, not that much, if anything.

When I saw Ken's 2nd gen Sienna at Wekfest, I was super impressed and we talked for a long time. Later, we would start to have meet ups in our area. (North East Bay).

He told me that he wanted his van to be era correct when it comes to tuning. You don't know how much I respect era correct when tuning a car. He told me about how he was looking in old JDM wagon magazines and how they were roof rackless and wheels were clean.

Well, it's all in the execution and I gotta say, this did it!

2nd gen Siennas are overlooked and underrated!

Here the before pix:

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