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Koja Kitchen run!

I was surprised to know that there were many VK people within my area. So I throw out the ideas of getting some bubble tea or late night snacks.

When I was younger, some could hit me up in the evening ask me if I wanted to get some late night snacks and I'd always be down to do that (if I wasn't working).

I can't tell you have many good memories I had of meeting up with my crew members, maybe only 2 or 3 of us and just get food or go cruise and take pictures.

Sometimes until early morning in a Denny's!!!

Nowadays, I have gotten more responsibilities and I'm sure many of you can relate. Family, work and school. Plus now I enjoy sleeping! LOL.

Anyways, I'm always down to meet up with a person even for a short 15 minutes if possible.

So I throw out the idea with the 2 other guys I know that live in the area. It sparked interest in possibly looked like it was gonna be a big turn out!

Now, this wasn't a big deal like setting up a meeting, go cruise and all that. It was just kept simple to just let's get coffee or bubble tea and a short time.

Ken contacted me and said let's do it. Ken and I talked at Wekfest a few months back and I have always enjoyed his 2nd generation Sienna. This time, we could sit down and just talk about cars and vans! His wife, Elaine, came along too.

It was really fun to have an evening snack and talk about stuff.

Thanks brother!

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