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Retrospect: Lydell's Toyota Previa

Vanning has been around for a long time and even before there was focus on the 3rd generation Sienna, there was the Toyota Previa.

Yes, the egg shaped van from the early 90s. There are a few Previa and even Estima builders in North America and are part of VK.

Lydell's Previa is OG. It has hit shows many times over the years. But one of the most distinctive parts of his Previa (or I should say his former as he recently sold it) is the Celsior headlight conversion.

I want to say he is the only one that has it in North America. I believe it was offered as a front end conversion kit in the mid or late 2000s.

Anyways, I was really bummed he sold it because not only do I love it's uniqueness, but I am also a previa owner too.

He put some heavy work into it and it can't be written off as just a front end conversion previa, there are some JDM pieces that also make it great!

For your viewing pleasure:

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