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Tuner Evolution Philadelphia 2019

Felix (the thot) called me the other week and we talked about how VK represented on the East Coast, but also a pretty significant step for Vans in general - a Van category!

Felix had a conversation with Jay M. (owner/promoter of Tuner Evolution) about having a van section. Vans have never had their own segment in many of the US shows. It is always grouped with other vehicles such as SUVs, Wagons and Boxes.

Once it was official, The VK East Coast guys started to put it together.

Honestly, the showing is pretty cool since some of these guys are not close to each other. Not only that, it was a diverse in quite a few ways. Different makes and models, USDM and JDM. Japanese and American vans.

Looking at that bigger picture, it was quite impressive.

At the show!

Silver Sienna - Larry M.

White Sienna - Chee Kong C.

Purple RB1 Odyssey - Robert M.

White Pacifica - Alejandro A.

Red Odyssey - Anthony C.

Blue Odyssey - Jesus C.

Black RB1 Odyssey - Alexis L.

Orange Odyssey - Melvin J.

pictures - Melvin J.

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