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Art of Speed, Malaysia 2018

Suffian and Azim messaged me a few weeks back saying they were gonna be at the Annual big show in Malaysia, Art of Speed (AOS).

Suffian and Azim represent Malaysia and Raf Rin represented Singapore. They were gonna represent VK and wanted to know a few things to set up properly. Paul and I gave them info.

I gave Suffian a call on Whatsapp and was good to connect with him on a personal level.

I always feel that we should try to support our brothers, so I always keep my channels open.

Suffian got the banner and stickers printed up in time for the show!



During the AOS show, Suffian (Mitsubishi Townbox) and Raf Rin (Honda Odyssey) were showing. Azim had his Townbox outside. The local online magazine, Galeri Kereta, was present and took many nice pictures!

Galeria Kereta took pictures at the event and also outside where other VK members were present.

Credit to Galeria Kereta for the pictures.


Raf Rin


VK brothers (Azim) outside.

Looks like a great show!!! Shout out to my brothers. and Galeri Kereta!


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