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Spotlight: Felix's Nissan Elgrand Conversion

I was amazed to see Felix's Elgrand front conversion when he first posted pictures. Then he stepped it up!!!

It took some custom work and 1.5 years with 2 different body shops (first one backed out after 4 months).

Here's my personal opinion, you can buy a car (or van) or you can build one. I always give props to people who build something and when it is done right and professionally, it always looks amazing.

Front end conversion.

Then the back end!!! Just a quick note. I'm from the 2000s era, so conversions was a way for people to be creative. Not only that, but many shops put time to do it right and cars would come out looking great.

That work is intense and awesome!

Final outcome:

It is truly a one off!!!

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