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Spotlight: Sakura Nissan Elgrand Autech Rider

If you didn't know, I am attached to the Nissan Leopard community (F31). When I visited Japan in 2016, I met many of the Leopard owners whom used to make their own HP (homepage) and had pictures. I was kinda refreshed to also see that even though many of them had Leopards, some had families and had to move on. Even with a van, many of the support the F31 community and show up for the events.

One of the Leopard Committee members is my friend Sugiyama-san. I was able to check out his 2003 Elgrand All mode 4x4. It was also an Autech Rider version too!!!

I believe there are a couple Autech Rider versions for the E51 Elgrand. I believe this is just the Rider version.

It was really clean and nice to see one up close.

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