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Retrospect: T Selection

The northern leg of my pilgrimage was Sendai. There were friends and a few tuning shops I wanted to check out.

One of tuning shop that was mentioned to me at the All Japan Estima meeting was T Selection.

I wasn't up to date on Previa tuning in general. My priority was to rebuild my Previa and I have not crossed that bridge yet of following people's projects. Fortunately some of the Previa guys (Morris J. and Lidell) that do have modified Previas did. That is because they knew of this Previa in project status. I've seen in posted by those guys, but didn't put it together when I saw it in person.

I jumped on the local line and headed to Ogawara station, T Selection was a few blocks away from this location.

*please excuse the watermarks.

Once I got close:

I met with the manager and he said it was okay for me to take pictures. He took me out and showed me a blue PREVIA. The Previa belongs to 日下和博.

Now let me just explain the details. It is a LHD Previa. Not a domestic Estima.

- Dual sliding doors. They modified the left side of the Previa to have an Estima sliding door!

- Custom hinges to clear the wider wheel offset.

- Turbocharged... yes turbocharged!!! I forgot if it was supercharged too.

- Manual transmission as well!

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