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Retrospect: Toyota Automobile Museum

This was on my Wandering Leopard Pilgrimage trip in May 2017. I was taking the Shinkansen (bullet train) from Gifu to Sendai. The route I was taking was went in this sequence:

Gifu > Nagoya > Tokyo > Sendai

I stopped in Nagoya for a bit because I wanted to visit the Toyota Automobile Museum. The main reason I wanted to visit TAM is because they have an Estima there.

The Estima is exactly the same color (which is common) as my Previa. I love Estimas, so I really wanted to check out it.

While people might not think it is a big deal. I treated this trip as a pilgrimage.

TCR Estimas have been heavily declining in numbers in Japan!!! Either scrapped or exported.

While it was not as fancy as seeing a tuned Estima, seeing one in NEAR MINT CONDITION is.

This is where my appreciation for a van, modified or not, comes into play.

As my TCR, MCR and ACR Estima friends say, "Let's play Estima!"

- Toyota Automobile Museum

* Travel tip: From JR Nagoya Station, Subway Higashiyama line for Fujigaoka station. Then go around the corner of Fujigaoka station to Linimo line (Japan's only Maglev - magnetic levitation train) to Geidai Dori station.

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