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Retrospect: Rev Competition Honda Odyssey 2000

In 2000, I was taking morning classes at Pierce College (in Steilacoom) and after that, I would go to the local race shops on South Tacoma way and hang around for hours.

I was at a shop called Speedline getting my Wings West mid wing put on my EG civic, when I purchased one of the magazines there. It was called TMR or Toy Machine Racing. It wasn't as technical as Superstreet or Sport Compact Car. In fact, it felt more underground and authentic. Pictures of the local car events, night pictures and the Asian clubbing scene at the time.

I believe one of the contributors did a feature going to Vancouver BC. I thought to myself, "it's only a couple hours away, I should check it out". The PNW import scene (as much of the country at the time) was behind the California Import scene. So everyone was infatuated with aerokits and wings. This was different in British Columbia.

I went up to Richmond BC and started to check out some of the race shops. I would drive my 2000 EK civic hatchback with Feel's aerokit. I remember many of the cars up there didn't have wild aero. They had a cleaner style. This was due to the availability of American parts as it was expensive to ship internationally (as I was told at the time).

I made good friends with the local shops and teams up there and was invited to check out their annual car show, Boom (hosted by Boom Plus Toys).

I saw some clean cars and many of them were JDM influenced. I don't want to upload all those non Van pictures, so if you are interested, I host them on my site.

The Civics and Integras were top notch as they were all built with performance in mind. Clean and simple visually and many were using authentic JDM parts.

Then I saw Rev Competition's Honda Odyssey! It was the first time I had seen a built van in person.

I couldn't find the owner of the vehicle to ask more questions. While time has passed, this van had a huge impact on me when it came to vans. I never looked at vans the same way since.

An interesting note. As I am writing this, I looked up if Rev Competition was still around and sure enough

here is their FB page:

Maybe I can get some answers on how the build came about!


- Rev Competition Products

- TMR M'zine


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