Retrospect: Excursions to Japan in 2000s

From 2001-2006, I traveled to Japan on my own. I wasn't military or some kind of media personnel.

Before social media such as Facebook, Instagram and dare I say, Myspace, many Japanese owner's made their own websites. Example: This an Estima/Largo dress up club or Private dress up unit !

I connected with many different car owners and we exchanged gifts (I'd send them Import tuner magazines and stuff from America and vice versa). When I decided to go to Japan, I was too naive. I thought people would speak english, ATMs were everywhere (at the time they were, but didn't use Visa or Mastercard) and I thought Yokohama was close to Tokyo. Well, nothing like being lost, language barrier and in a foreign land! I learned my lessons and improved subsequently.


My first trip would be to Yokohama to meet my friend Mege-san. He was a drifter who gave me his spare s13 parts.

I would stay with Mege-san for those trips. I would walk around and when I saw a something I liked, I would go ask the owner and try my horrible Japanese (high school classes).

*Please excuse the quality, it was film camera back then. I had also lost many pictures when my computer crashed.



I had lost many of my pictures from this trip. Mege-san showed me around and we went to parking lot one night. I saw the Wild Toyota Hiace Vans and I loved it! Remember, this was in early 2000s. Wild style cars were in.

I went up to them and asked if it was okay to take pictures of their vans and they were actually happy. They even gave me a placard. It was for Club Honey. My friend told me it was a symbol of being an honorary member. I thought it a misunderstanding, but I confirmed it with one of the Toyota Hiace owners.