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Retrospect: Art n Motion Odyssey

In the early 2000s, I felt that California's import car scene was on another level. The industry was there, The big named models, the magazines, the companies... you name it, it was basically in California.

I took some 2 week vacation and stayed with my cousin in Norwalk. That week we went around to a few shops such as Bomex, Wings West, Stillen, and Motorex (they just opened up shop) to name a few.

Nisei week Showoff was that weekend and we (my cousin and I) went early when everyone was setting up.

We watched some nice looking cars roll it, Bomex and Motorx set up and of course the participating teams too. One team was Art N Motion. I believe they helped organize the car show, so their cars were more on display (I could be wrong). I saw RJ De Vera driving his S2000 (which was his new project at the time). He let me check it out. As with my previous post, I don't want to totally upload non van related stuff, so here is the link to the pictures on my site,

Mommy Charlotte (RJ's mother) rolled up in her Odyssey. I was able to take pictures of it and of course with her as well (Thank you, Po).

Since I didn't live in Southern California, I wasn't familiar with what cars were being built or the teams unless it was on car websites or magazine features. So I didn't know about this build.

In retrospect, I read that this was the first Odyssey to be turbocharged in America. Being that it is Southern California, the foundation of import car scene/tuning, many resources and not to mention her notoriety, I am not surprised.

- Nisei Week Foundation

- RJ De Vera's Instagram

- Nisei week Showoff FB page


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