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EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: SEMA 2016 Toyota Extreme Sienna

We are excited to share to you very exclusive info and media material regarding the new Extreme Sienna that was built by Toyota for SEMA 2016. We are honored to say that many aspects of this build was inspired by VANkulture. Read the information at the Press Release:

The builder, Rick Leos, of Real time Automotive Solutions, wanted to pay homage to the VANkulture community's history by bringing the Sienna to the shop where most of the suspension work that we did in the beginning came from; The shop was called Becausebags in Northern California. 'Til this day, Becausebags have done more than 15-20 Siennas to date and the air suspension's components are placed where many of the VANkulture vans have put them in the past as well.

On many car enthusiasts' builds, when air suspension is installed, they are all usually located in the trunk as it is the most convenient location. But just like many of the vans we have done, the Extreme Sienna's air suspension components are strategically placed all over the van to make sure that 100% of the van's space are all still accessible to be able to achieve not only the sporty form but also 100% function especially since many of the vans we drive do include our own families, so cargo and usable space is very important.

Our relationship with Toyota has firmly increased over the past few years and this build is a reflection of that. This Sienna was created with luxury in mind and also sporty styling outside combined. Take a look at some of the very exclusive pictures taken by Toyota.

Toyota wanted to choose a color that will really stand out and the Candy Blue color definitely achieves that. Combined with gold wheels, then it becomes the new standard of coolness in a minivan. Add in the super aggressive front and rear fascias with the widened fenders, all of a sudden this van can actually make even some sports cars look bad.

Just when you think the outside is already super cool with the 21" super wide wheels, they come up and do something amazing on the inside of the van. Interior pics shown below are taken by Toyota and the inside looks very similar to the posh, luxurious interior of a Learjet. The actual main attraction is the 2nd row which will contain reclining massage chairs, Ipad that controls all the 8 speaker JBL music system and air suspension, and also an LED tv housed in a panel inspired by the VK van 2.0 which will also be done soon this month.

Overall, the van definitely has all the features that us, in VANkulture really love. The combination of Sportiness, functionality and cavernous capacity are all the qualities we look for and the Extreme Sienna does them all amazingly well.

Specs of the builds are:

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