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Retrospect: Stance G Nation Odaiba 2016

October 28th was day before I would leave Japan. I've made good friendships and family this time around.

This day was also very long for me. I was at the All Japan Estima Meeting in Shimizu, Shizuoka (2 hrs away by Shinkansen) earlier that day meeting my Estima family.

My phone was broken, so I couldn't do instant communication. I had to use my laptop at my hotel every night to communicate. I told friends the night before that I would be in Odaiba, but possibly later.

When I did get to Stance G Nation, my camera was low battery because of all the Estima pictures I took and now I had to try and cover as much of Stance as possible. Not only that, the sun started to come down and my DLSR needs a tripod to take good shots in lower light.

But I was able to accomplish those meetings with family, which also includes VK Japan.


I am inclusive when it comes to cars/vans and try to appreciate them in all forms. It was amazing to see some great builds!

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