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Blitz Japan 2017

I rented a bike for 100 yen ($1) for 4 hours. With in those 4 hours, I wanted to hit Blitz, Jun Auto mechanic, Spoon Sports and Type One as they were "generally" in the same area. Blitz was west of Kamishakujii station by almost 4 miles (deceptive on google maps). For train enthusiasts it is Seibu Shinjuku line.

I biked there thinking, I'm gonna see some Skylines and Silvias... the typical drift builds.

When I arrived, a staff member came out and he spoke English. We talked some more and later we found out that we had a few things in common. He graduated from Pierce College in Steilacoom like me. He also worked at Fastlane (Tuning shop) back when we were all building Hondas! Small world!!!

Anyways, he gave me a tour. Then 3 guys from Boston's drift scene showed up. They were expecting Skylines and Silvias as I was. Instead, we saw all the newer cars Blitz had been working on.

So how does tie into Vans?

Ogino-san (the one that was hosting Blitz for us) said that those cars are getting older, parts are getting low and many are getting exported (such as Skylines). He said America is catching up in drifting, but drifting 90s cars that Japan was drifting in that era (hmmm. it is 2017)

He said that many of the drivers and tuners have "grown and have families now". Sound familiar? That is the premise of VanKulture right?

It was very interesting to see these vans as I never thought Blitz only tuned sports cars!

- Bltiz -


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