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  • bobderelch
    2 days ago

    Hi, my Name is Andi and this is my Renault Grand Scenic 2017. Modifications so far: Eibach Pro Kit Bilstein B 6 Sport Dampers blacked out all of the Chrome Trim on the Car Shark Fin Antenna 20'' MSW 48 Rims Tuning this car is really diffcult because of complete lack of Bodykits and ohter Performance Parts. My next Project will be a Custom Performance Exhaust.
  • Kalei Kinikani
    Aug 21

    Aloha everyone. Wondering if anyone ever thought of lifting their Sedona? Maybe coilover/rear spring kit or strut spacers & rear spring lift. 2-3" of lift maybe. never found anything online. Aloha from Kauai and Happy Holidays.
  • James Williams
    Aug 12, 2017